February 26th, 2005


Well THAT was useful!

I was a little extra productive during my KLIV shift. Not only did I leave three voicers on a slow news day, I left one extra to be run Friday.

It seems there's this little "filk" convention going on in Milpitas, and that's definitely our coverage area.

I'm sure George will be amused when he comes upon it.

After work I went to Cosentino's (yuppie grocer) and bought fixings for spaghetti with meatballs (I'm making it because Warren was craving it). I also tried to buy romanescu, but they were out.

I need to call the produce guy Monday.

Time now to nap while the sauce makes itself.
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"Ten Things" meme

[Shamelessly snarfed from berkeleyfarm]

Here are ten things I have done that you probably haven't:
  1. Sung on stage with Harry Chapin
  2. Anchored the news on the #1 station on the west coast
  3. Accidentally ignited my hair by leaning too close to my father's Yahrzeit candle
  4. Landed a job for which I wasn't qualified and held onto it for two years
  5. Babysat an emu
  6. Been detained by security at Madison Square Garden (yeah, I use that one a lot)
  7. Took voice lessons from the same lady who coached Barbra Streisand, Eddie Money, and the Kingston Trio
  8. Played guitar in a marching band
  9. Sung and played guitar in concert while suffering from pneumonia and bronchitis
  10. Did a five-hour-long air shift on the radio with full-bore laryngitis

Spaghetti sauce update

Warren loved the sauce and appreciated "all the effort" I put into it (heh -- I cheated nearly every which way I could!).

He thought the meatballs were wonderful, too. (I bought them with my own two hands.) I let Lady taste a little and she liked it, too.

He even had wine with dinner (an inexpensive Merlot, but slightly swankier than "two buck Chuck").

I think I've done everything I need to do tonight, so I'm going to eat a couple of mini-donuts and go thud for the night. I'm fighting a sinus infection in my left sinus (my upper left jaw hurts when I try to eat or drink much of anything), and it's now causing my ear to hurt (albeit slightly less after the Merlot :-) ).
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