April 17th, 2005


Sunday, Sunday

I woke up feeling really depressed, so I decided I needed to try getting out. I got together with sroth for brunch at Denny's, then it was off in search of fabrics. First stop was "Fabrics 'R' Us" down the street, then when they didn't have what I was looking for, we hit Beverly's in San Jose. They didn't have what I wanted, either, but I wound up buying some quilting pins, stain remover, and bobbins from them. We then parted ways; she went home, and I went to Hancock's at El Paseo de Saratoga and came up zero. They suggested I try their store near where Warren lives, which they said was open till 6pm. I rushed there only to find out it had closed at 5pm.

En route I had called Warren to see if he wanted to get together, but he said his mother had already started his dinner. Given that I've been fighting big-time depression all day, the last thing I wanted to do was get together for dessert (a great way to induce Yet More Depression on a larger scale). Instead, I opted to head back north, making a detour at Whole Foods, where I nibbled on a bunch of cheeses out for tasting and picked up some sesame tofu and brussel sprouts (the only things that appealed to me in the case that didn't contain mushrooms and weren't adjacent to something containing mushrooms). (Note to spiritdance: They had Green and Black's chocolate bars on sale!) Given that I've been feeling like crap, I figured eating something nutritionally sound was A Good Idea.

On the way back I stopped at my P. O. Box. The effing Post Office is already holding my mail hostage when it was only Tuesday since I last checked it. Grrrf. This means I have to go there during business hours. DAMNdamnDamnDamnDamn.

Now I'm home with Lady next to me. I'm eating my salads and the nutrition is boosting my mood a tad, but damn I still feel like crying. I wish I could mainline theobromine without having to ingest the calories from chocolate.
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