April 18th, 2005


Five questions...

...from filkerdave:

1) You recently impressed several people (me included) by your dressmaking skills at the last moment. What's the piece of clothing you've made that you're most proud of?

I made a "job interview costume" years ago out of raw silk because I couldn't find one in the stores that fit. It was a blazer and matching skirt. It worked (in that it got me many jobs). I never did get around to finishing the lining of the blazer, though, because I needed to wear it for the first time before I had time to finish it.

Still, that was by a longshot my most difficult sewing project.

2) What place would you like to see Worldcon in?

New York City.

3) Of all the Consonance's, which one has been your favorite and why?

It'd be one of the ones since I got involved in running Consonance. Since I am always very much "in the moment" when running Consonance, my answer would have to consistently be "the last one or the next one." I find I always savor the previous one and at the same time eagerly anticipate the next one.

4) If you could go back in time and change your major in college, what would you switch it to?

Music. It was the one subject my father never allowed me to major in when he was paying, and when I went back years later, it wasn't a practical subject for me to take as a major (too long to get out of college, and it wouldn't look all that great on my resume).

5) You get a starring role in a TV show. What show are you on?

My own, but it wouldn't be named after me. It'd be a dramedy about working in high tech, and it'd be co-produced by Stephen Botchko (I'd almost go for David E. Kelley, but he'd insist on all the women in the show looking anorexic) and me.

Why the Beatles rocked

Someone pointed this out to me: One of the Beatles' 1965 concert riders
has been posted on the web. Interesting reading if you want to see how
they wanted to be treated. The most interesting item may be item 5 on this page:

5. Artists will not be requried to perform before a segregated audience.

I always liked the Beatles. Now we know they were a class act even back in the mid-60s.