June 1st, 2005


A plane and simple entry

I'm typing this on the airplane on the last leg of my trip (Minneapolis to San Jose).

The previous flight was so delayed I barely had time to run from one gate to the next to catch my San Jose flight. I am hoping my luggage made it. I was able to get a small bag of Doritos from a nearby vending machine, but the too-short transfer time jettisoned my plans of getting something resembling a real lunch.

On the airplane Northwest no longer gives you pretzels or peanuts. Instead, they sell a "Smart Snack" consisting of a "summer sausage" (a tiny off-brand Slim Jim), a teensy wedge of processed cheese, a couple of crackers, an oatmeal-raisin granola bar (I can't eat and wouldn't if I could), Oreos, and dried fruit mix for $3.00. One of the folks referred to it as "diaper bag food." I thought that was appropriate. I plan on complaining to Northwest's customer service about this, as it screws me over big time. I refuse to pay $3.00 for something I mostly can't eat.

I did have a low carb bar on me, but I've already gone through it.

The airports now have wireless service offered by Cingular. The one "gotcha" is you pay a $10 fee and only get access at the airport at which you bought it, which IMHO sucks. I paid it in Philly and was glad I did, as I was stuck there way longer than anticipated and thus got my money's worth.

The flight I'm on is rather turbulent. It's also very packed. According to my computer's clock I've got about an hour before we land. The pilot thinks we may get there early because we've got a good tailwind.

Northwest also now sucks because they only offer Pepsi products. I've decided Diet Sierra Mist is only slightly better than Diet Pepsi. The former is the worst lemon-lime soda I've ever come across, having only slightly more character than a glass of water with a wedge of each stuck in it. I always ask for a wedge of lime in it to make it somewhat palatable.

The battery on my Zire 72 went down pretty quickly, so now I'm using my computer and typesetting music. I'm revising the MIDI file for "Nobody Else But Me." It's coming along, but I'm feeling too brain-dead to work on it. On the same token, I don't feel like doing much else, so I'm typing this.
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Happiness is...

...a warm, fluffy white dog who's so happy to see you she skids along the floor...and loses control over her bladder.

(The "loses control over the bladder" part wasn't too cool, but we were glad to see each other.)

Home is good.

I stopped at Grand Central Starport after Warren picked me up from the airport and after inhaling eating dinner. It was good to see everyone. flower_cat is looking much better.
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