June 4th, 2005


Jet lag happens

Thursday Warren, his mother, and I went to Dr. James for our respective appointments, all consecutively scheduled. Dr. James worked on me first. While he worked on Warren and "The Chief," I went to Berkeley Bowl and picked up some nice-looking produce.

The three of us then went to the House of Chicken 'n' Waffles for dinner. Warren and I had heard about the place, and given how he and his mother get antsy about sitting in traffic (see me roll eyes), this place, located across from Jack London Square, seemed perfect. Warren and his mother both appeared to enjoy the food; I know I did. Think of good southern-style cooking, replete with grits, greens, red beans and rice. I had a platter which consisted of a chicken breast, grits, and a waffle made with their own mix. Yum. I forget what Warren and The Chief had, but they both enjoyed their food.

Warren then ambled my car through Alameda, driving past lots of old houses, just to please his mother, and I endeavored not to get carsick. Fortunately for me, the food I'd eaten was heavy enough to prevent my stomach from turning. Warren had me run into Costco near home for a few things, then dropped me off and took his mother home.

Friday I slept, slept, and slept, then went out with the Hot Bunch for stromboli. I told them all about the bar mitzvah and the rest of the trip. I was glad I took the day off from work to sleep; I had figured I'd need it, and I was right.

This morning I finally located my "missing" house keys. I'd buried them in my computer bag so I wouldn't lose them. (Oops.) I did my radio shift, then met Bruce and sroth for lunch at Sweet Tomatoes, running into misdev while there. I of course told them about my previous weekend; they told me about the parts of Baycon I'd missed. Bruce and sroth went on to Costco; I went to Safeway to pick up a couple of things for Warren, then went home and slept some more.

Now I need to get up the energy to empty the suitcases.
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