June 12th, 2005


In and out voice

I didn't do KLIV for the first time in ages due to laryngitis. I called Rori Gallagher up during her shift to thank her for covering mine (and so she could hear the need was legit).

I didn't go to any parties yesterday because I didn't want to share whatever I've got with everyone else. I made a brief shopping trip to get some ground beef; instead, I wound up buying chuck roast at $1.99/lb because it was way cheaper, figuring I could grind it.

Today I ground the aforementioned meat and discovered why it was so cheap. It was very gristly and chock full of fat. Out of 2.6 pounds I wound up with what I'd guesstimate as more than .6 pounds of fat and gristle. (Yes, I left some of the fat with the meat, but it didn't need that much fat!).

I did a very quick shopping run to Costco, Pet Club, and Golden Phoenix (Asian grocer near my house). Warren said I looked pale when I got home. My temperature is normal, which tells me this thing is viral (no surprise).

Tonight's dinner is some kind of cheeseburgers (maybe hamburger for Warren, as he prefers his without cheese) on the George Foreman grill I got from Mom.

I have to work tonight from 10pm-6am. I then have to train at KLIV tomorrow afternoon, and then shlep straight up to San Francisco to produce traffic.

Yeouch. At least I don't need a voice to write news.
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