June 15th, 2005


This nap has been interrupted by an earthquake

I didn't feel it. It was way too far to feel.

I didn't hear the warning sirens go off at Moffett Field.

I did notice when Warren woke me up to tell me there was a tsunami warning. He was expecting me to get called into one or both of my jobs. Luckily, that hasn't happened, so I can get back to sleep.

If I can get back to sleep.

My throat hurts. My nose won't stop running despite all the antihistamines I'm on. My neck is swollen like a football player's.

Warren wants me to see if I can go to Dr. James tomorrow instead of Thursday.

I'd rather do the appointment Thursday and have some "alone time" while he and his mother go off by themselves. I'm working a split shift with overtime that day, so I'll be up that way anyhow. I figure as a "worst case scenario" I could crash a bit at Dr. James' office till it's time to go to work, and as "worst case scenarios" go, that's a pretty good one.
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Okay, OKAY!!!

I'm going to my ENT this afternoon.

Before that I'm going to treat myself to a lovely, late breakfast at the Original Pancake House. I've been wanting to go there for way too long, but Warren doesn't like the place because they don't serve non-breakfast foods on weekends (he's allergic to eggs and rarely wants pancakes). The De Anza Blvd one is on my way to the ENT.

The ENT's assistant also recommended I get my allergy shots while I'm there, so I will unless the doctor says otherwise.
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Throat update

My visit to the ENT went about like this:

Me: So what's the story with my throat?

Dr. Burt (my ENT): It's bright red.

Me: I know that.

Dr. Burt: I think you have an infection. Your allergies are also out of control, making everything worse. Have you ever had a Cortisone 88 shot?

Me: No. What are the side effects?

Dr. Burt: None of my other patients have ever complained. I've been having to give a lot of them out this season, and you definitely need one.

I got the allergy shots in one arm and the Cortisone 88 in the other. I then picked up some freshly-picked cherries (both bing and Rainier) from a stand at a nearby orchard, then went to the Walgreen's off Meridian Ave. in San Jose because a) the chain already has my health plan and bottling preference info and b) it's close to Grand Central Starport. Good thing, too; the wait for my prescription to be filled was at least 45 minutes.

I hung out with flower_cat, April, chaoswolf, super_star_girl, mdlbear, and a few other folks for a while, consuming massive quantities of freshly-brewed iced tea, and nibbling on cheese and crackers (good quality on both counts) and pizza. While I was there I felt the Cortisone 88 shot kick in; my sinuses suddenly opened like they hadn't in months. I then picked up my prescriptions, stopping on the way home for some more sugar-free orangeade (hey, at $1.00/2 liter bottle I'm grabbing all I can!), a mint chocolate chip shake to knock myself out quickly (I have to be up at 3am), then went home.
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