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FIGMO's Follies
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Tuesday, April 18th, 2006

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Sprung from the Big House
I was sprung around 1:00 this afternoon.

The doctors think the bleeding may have been caused by the internal hemorrhoids, but they're not totally sure. My potassium and iron levels stayed steady overnight, so they figure whatever was bleeding has stopped for now. I am to go in for more bloodwork in three days and a series of follow-up exams in the next week and a half.

Before being sprung I managed to talk the nurse into letting me shower. My nose doesn't work well, but when I can smell my own B.O. I know it's bad. The shower wasn't perfect (I had to push really hard to get out enough soap, and the towels were very tiny), but at least I wasn't totally grungy.

Upon my release, Warren dropped me at Walgreens so I could get my prescription for potassium powder filled, then took me to lunch at Marie Callender's, where I had a small salad (the apple-cranberry-gorgonzola with fresh greens). After that he took me home where I showered, changed, and rested a bit before going in to work.

Current Mood: relieved

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