October 16th, 2006


Why the fork-ing question?

When Warren and I go to Mel's in San Francisco, we have always found it peculiar that they serve us pie with an iced tea spoon. We have gotten into the habit of hoarding forks so we don't have to ask for them. We've also noticed most of the table servers and even one of the managers are all foreign-born.

The other day we were at a Denny's where the waitress was also clearly foreign-born. She gave Warren his apple pie (which was not a la mode) with an iced tea spoon as a utensil.

Neither of us grew up eating pie with a spoon -- even if topped with ice cream. Both of us were trained to eat our pies with a fork and find it just wrong to try to use a spoon, especially a long, tiny iced tea spoon. I was asking the question as a sanity-check for both of us.