January 27th, 2007



Meme ganked from rmjwell....a variant on Scattergories - everything on the list must begin with the same letter as your name.

My name: Lynn

1. Athlete: Ludmilla Tourischeva (Russian gymnast)
1A. Deity: Luna, Loki
2. 4 letter word: like, love
3. Street name: Lombard St.
4. Color: light blue
5. Gifts/presents: lawn mower (Warren gave me one as a housewarming gift!)
6. Vehicles: Lexus, Land Rover
7. Tropical Locations: Los Cabos
8. College Majors: Liberal Arts, Linguistics
9. Dairy Products: Limburger (cheese)
10. Things in a Souvenir Shop: logo-wear
11. Boy Name: Lynn
12. Girl Name: Lynn
13. Movie Titles: Last Tango in Paris, Liar Liar
14. Alcohol: Lambic ale
15. Occupations: Landlord, Loan Shark, Lumberjack
16. Flowers: lilac, lily, lavender
17. Celebrities: Lynn Anderson, Lola Falana, Louis Armstrong
18. Magazines: Life
19. U.S. Cities: Lynn, MA; Louisville, KY, Los Altos, CA; Los Angeles, CA
20. Pro Sports Team: Lakers
21. Song: Love Stinks, Long and Winding Road, Let it Be, Leader of the Pack, Leader of the Laundromat
22. Nifty tool or gadget: lathe