February 8th, 2007


Took a sick day

I woke up achey all over and not able to think straight. I called in sick, then took my temperature and discovered I was running a fever. (DUH!!!)

So far I've eaten 3 pieces of low-calorie bread with different fruit spreads (2 with no sugar added apple butter, 1 with no sugar added cherry spread), and I've downed 12 oz of sugar-free vitamin-fortified orange drink and over a pot's worth of herbal tea.

I have been craving fruit. I'm actually dying for blackberries, but I haven't been up to doing anything about it. Warren is sick too, so I haven't been able to bribe him into going out and getting me a package of frozen blackberries so I could cobble together a crumble with some sugar-free instant oatmeal (who said I wasn't creative?). I might just throw something on and get them even though I don't trust myself behind a wheel right now. I figure if the craving is that intense there's something in them my body needs for healing. Besides, Warren's been obsessed with watching the (excessive, IMHO) coverage of Anna Nicole Smith's death. (You'd think she was a head of state with the amount of coverage she's been given!)

I haven't yet heard from the doctor about the bloodwork. I was hoping I would. I am guessing the phone call will happen tomorrow.
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