February 10th, 2007


Sickness sucks

I didn't go to either radio job today. Both of my radio bosses were sweet about finding fill-ins. They know I don't call in sick unless I'm really sick.

I thought my fever had broken this morning because I felt like I'd come out of a two-day-long haze.

Unfortunately, the haze is coming back, and so is my fever...and a sore throat.

I still haven't heard back from the doctor's office, and my back hurts too.

I'm now getting the chills.

Amusing point of the day: If I want the dog to hang out with me I have to watch Food Network. This doesn't bode well when you're clutching your stomach and trying not to scream loudly from the pain because you'll upset your also-sick boyfriend. There's something inherently wrong with watching food shows when you can barely consume anything. My dog, however, disagrees. The one thing that will pull her away from Food Network is Warren (read: a human she can sucker food out of) eating real food.
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