October 9th, 2007


Ladies' Day Out

Just as I was telling some of my comedian friends it'd been way too long since I've done anything just for fun, flower_cat phoned and asked if I would be willing to drive her to this week's Britex sale. I said "yes" and took today off from work to go.

I arrived at her house just after 9:30am, and due to heavy traffic we got to San Francisco around 11am. flower_cat made a beeline for the 4th floor to look at the remnants while I took the store at a more leisurely pace, petting the expensive fabrics as I went, eventually landing on the 4th floor.

I had planned on buying knits and cottons to make tops and broomstick skirts. Instead, I bought some light blue tropical weight wool to make a suit and two pieces of a flower print on blue silk -- enough to make a dress. flower_cat also got some really nice stuff.

Afterwards we did lunch at the Rotunda restaurant at Neiman-Marcus. They seat you and then bring you a little teacup of consomme with a little flaky cheese crescent on the side. Next comes the popovers with regular and strawberry butter. Yum! flower_cat had lobster bisque and a crab salad; I had the lobster macaroni and cheese. I wound up taking half of my food home and flower_cat was full so we opted to not have dessert.

That was fun!
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The Next Iron Chef

I watch Food Network. A lot. Sunday night I watched "The Next Iron Chef." This is a show where eight chefs get to compete to be the 5th "iron chef" in "Iron Chef America."

Food Network claims one of the existing Iron Chefs, Mario Batali, will continue to appear in "Iron Chef America," but the New York Post claims he's leaving the network altogether.

Anyhow, after catching the first show I already know who I want to win: John Besh. Even if the guy doesn't win I'd like to see him get his own show. I've seen him on several Food Network shows. He's not only a good chef, he's entertaining. When he was on Iron Chef America against Mario Batali he was a hoot and he beat Batali soundly. For example, when he grabbed a couple of lobsters he exclaimed, "Look! Crawfish on steroids!"

I was hoping to see more of Traci des Jardins, who was eliminated in the first round. I was really surprised they didn't bump Michael Symon, who didn't do well in the first challenge and showed no originality in the second one. I could see why des Jardins was invited -- like Besh, she beat Batali on Iron Chef America. I could not, however, figure out why Symon was invited. When he competed on Iron Chef America he lost. If he can't outcook an Iron Chef, what is he doing trying to be one?

Here's the part that gets me: According to the 7th response to this post, Symon wins. I have also read that Michael Ruhlman is a close friend of Symon's.

I am hoping the post is wrong, but somehow I fear it isn't.
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