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FIGMO's Follies
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Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

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Mad Scientist in the Kitchen - Sugar-Free Fudge, 1st Try
The mission: Create a sugar-free fudge that doesn't contain nut butters or cream cheese. Ideally, create a sugar-free fudge that tastes and has the mouth-feel of The Real ThingTM.

I've been reading sugar-free and regular fudge recipes on the Internet for the last week. Regular fudge usually uses sugar or corn syrup as its thickening agent. Too many sugar-free recipes stick in cream cheese or peanut butter, both of which IMHO do weird things to the flavor. I don't want sour fudge, and I don't want chocolate-peanut fudge. More about what went into Try #1 behind the cut-tag so those of you who don't cook can skip it.Collapse )

The end result had a decent flavor profile but was a little "off" texture-wise. Warren tried it and (accurately) remarked, "it's a little Jell-o-ey." It kind of looks like fudge, kind of tastes like it (oddly enough, I think it needs more salt!), but the mouth feel wasn't quite right. I am guessing I need more fat in it -- way more fat -- and perhaps might have a better result if I made it with standard (4% fat) milk (which I don't normally keep on hand), cream (which I also don't normally keep on hand), or regular (not skim) condensed milk. I also wonder how using a sugar alcohol, such as erythritol (which I do have) might have made a difference.

Any other suggestions are welcome.

Current Mood: creative (MWAA-ha-ha!)

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