March 18th, 2008


When Worlds Collide

This is one of those rare moments where I get to merge aspects of my live that don't normally have anything to do with one another.

I am part of a team documenting the upcoming release of a well-known database product. As part of getting up to speed and testing features on the product, I need to create some kind of database. As many of you know, I've been in the process of recording a CD over the last few years, and it's getting closer and closer to being done.

What I need is for folks to e-mail me their contact info to "figmo @" (remove the spaces; I stuck them in to foil spambots) if they want to be on the mailings for CDs, appearances, and such for me. Specifically:

Mailing address:
E-mail address:
Favorite song or routine (if applicable):
Why you're on my list (select all that apply): CD info? Appearances at cons in your area? Comedy appearances?

Thanks in advance!