June 5th, 2008


They found WHAT and they sent me home???!?

I finally saw the doctor today and learned some stuff about my test results from the bloodwork done at the hospital Monday. She laughed as she told me I wasn't pregnant (I was disgusted that they even wasted time and effort on such a test). OTOH, they found blood in my urine sample.


Yup, blood. She did a quick rectal exam and the test showed blood there, too.

Speaking of blood, my BP was something along the lines of 135/53. I asked the nurse who took it if the second number was unusually low. She said it sometimes balances out the other number.

I'm not feeling any better.

I had to submit a set of urine and stool samples, and I need to make an appointment for a renal ultrasound. When I asked the doctor if it could be "The Big C," she said, "Given your history, I doubt it." She went on to say the kinds of cancer that present themselves with the symptoms I've got are "smokers' cancers."

I am terrified of what could be wrong with me. At the same time, I want to find out ASAP so I can get it taken care of, whatever it is.
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