December 23rd, 2008


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  • 02:15 I can't sleep, so I'm going to try doing some work. First, though, I need to get my eyes to stop blurring at everything. #
  • 02:55 I don't think I'm going to get any work done right now. My vision won't unblur. Grrrf. Thank heavens I can touch type. #
  • 13:46 @mactavish I live in Mountain View and will be in the Mtn View/Sunnyvale area roaming around a tad by myself while Warren is at the Dr. #
  • 13:47 I'm trying to get the Acrobat Plugin to work with my browser on Windoze and am not having success. #
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"Missing Big Gay Al" and other stuff

I called the Mac repair shop today. The logic board arrived, but they sent the shop the wrong one. I'll be lucky if I see Big Gay Al before Christmas. This mega-sucks, because I have family recipes on that beastie. I feel crippled without my PowerBook. I am afraid to do much on Windows for fear I'll infect my system with Yet More Malware and have to wipe it out Yet Again. I am hoping beyond hope that I'll have Big Gay Al back on my lap (where he belongs) by this time tomorrow.

I wanted to do baking this past day, but somehow I never got around to it. I hope to do some virtual tomorrow (yes, it's technically Tuesday, but in my mind it's "extended Monday"). I'm making dinner for Warren's folks Friday night, and I am much looking forward to it. I have persimmons that are ripe, I bought some dried "Just Persimmons" to hopefully avert The Persimmon Pudding Disaster Of 2006. Given the season, I want to send them home with something nice, too.
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