July 24th, 2009


Sinus surgery successful

I'll be brief because I'd rather not get gross.

I was prepared. I put on good underwear. I wore a skirt and a red top, blazer, and sandals so I wouldn't have to worry about stains. This turned out to be a major win.

The sinus surgery went well. I came in with a killer sinus headache and awoke without one. Dr. Burt said that despite my diligent cleaning of my passages with a neti cup this morning it was "gross." It took me a long time to eat afterwards because I had to keep going to the bathroom to change dressings. I'm finding the easiest things to eat are those that are frozen liquids, such as ice cream and sorbet, preferably without chunks of stuff to choke on while I try to breathe and eat at the same time.
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