Lynn Gold (figmo) wrote,
Lynn Gold


Stolen from chriso:

Make a list of all the paying jobs you've had.

In order from the most recently acquired:

Technical Writer
Contract Technical Writer
Senior Technical Writer
Lead Technical Writer
News Anchor/Reporter
Traffic Anchor/Reporter
Senior Contract Technical Writer
Board Operator
Development Group (member of)
Communications Programmer
System Support Manager
Sales Clerk (at a fabric store)
Programming Consultant
Cashier (Columbia U. Bookstore)
Sales Associate (at a copy center)
Psychology Study Test Subject
Dietary Study Test Subject
Staff, Music Listening Room (Hofstra U., off the books)
"Desk Sitter" at NY Jets Summer Training Camp
"Desk Sitter" in student dormitory (front desk security)
Staff, Hofstra Library (two different jobs at the library)
Waitress (Washington House, Mount Holly, NJ)
Inventory Clerk (Pomeroy's, Willingboro, NJ)
Temporary Night Bagger (Woolco, Willingboro, NJ)
Dental Assistant (Dad's office)
Teen Fashion Model (Pomeroy's, Willingboro, NJ)
Billing (for Dad's office)

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