Lynn Gold (figmo) wrote,
Lynn Gold

Nexus Meme

Shamelessly snarfed from the_ogre....

) Have we met "in the flesh"?
2) How well do we know each other?
3) How did you find my LJ account?
4) Who do we know in common?
5) What interests do we share?
6) Have you filled this meme out in anyone else's LJ?
(you can update this with a followup comment)
7) Would you rather eat something familiar or new?
8) If you don't like a food, will you try some anyways to see if your tastes have changed?
9) Would you rather eat spicy or bland food?
10) Name some good places to eat, what does a typical meal cost?
11) If you wanted a new (or another) romantic, or sexual, partner, where would you look?
12) Have you driven, or ridden, on a racetrack (including performance rally)? Describe it.
13) Do you dance? What styles? Lead, follow or bidancual?
14) Are you a good writer? Have you been published?
15) Are you scientifically inclined? What fields?
16) What are your musical skills?
17) Can you program, or administrate computers?
18) How do you express yourself artistically?
19) Am I someone you want to get to know better?
20) Where did you get this from?

If you copy this into your own LJ, just append your source to question 20 and add a question to the end.

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