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Health matters

I haven't been well the last few weeks.

I have been alternating between having the runs and being very constipated -- mostly the former, though. Last Tuesday I clocked over two miles just from going between my cubicle and the bathroom -- and my cubicle is the closest one to the bathrooms.

When I do go, no matter what the consistency, it's always accompanied by cramping and nausea, and whatever comes out has been smelling unusually foul beyond the usual B.M. smell.

I gave a stool sample to the lab at my internist's office Tuesday morning before going to work. I have yet to get results. I am guessing this is more than just the usual IBS, as the anti-spasmodic medicine isn't helping.

To add to this, I've been getting tension headaches. I picked up a cortisol blocker (active ingredient: magnolia bark) Friday afternoon. I took a dose Friday when I got home from work and was able to get some decent sleep before dinner. I'm hoping it may be the solution to some of my physical problems.

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