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My dog and I have a new game. It's called "Stuffed Duck Soccer."

Lady has a plush stuffed squeeky toy shaped like a duck. It's white with a yellow bill and yellow feet. Yesterday and today we were kicking it around the floor. This works well for both of us; she gets play time, and I can play with her and get aerobic exercise. :-)

Today was my first day off in two weeks, and I savored it. I did go to the radio station, but only to do an interview for the tech feature pilot (figuring folks would be easier to find). I was having fun with it. I called my friend Brad and interviewed him about electronic voting machines and security (or lack thereof).

I now have sufficient material for the feature. Brad suggested some technology to use for future interviews to make them sound better, but I didn't think it was worth it for this go-around (it probably won't air).

I was originally going to go bike riding with my friend Paul this afternoon, but I remembered I needed to practice for my Baycon concert next weekend (it's Friday night, folks!!!). I can't wait for folks to hear some of the arrangements I've been working on.

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