Lynn Gold (figmo) wrote,
Lynn Gold

Baycon was fun...

...what I saw and experienced of it, anyway. I wasn't able to get to the panels because my work schedule at the radio station clashed with them, but that's life.

The concerts were all excellent. I think mine went okay overall, although at one point one of the MIDI files suddenly started playing garbage. I told Stoph to stop and restart the file, and that seemed to fix it. I can only guess there may have been a power spike or something, as I've used this MIDI file many times before ("Poetry's Greatest Hits"). I had also tightened up "Poetry's Greatest Hits, Volume II" and improved parts before the concert, cutting out parts that slowed the pacing, and it worked like a champ.

Saturday I worked at the station, then went to the con. lrc had organized a huge dinner run to an all-you-can-eat Indian buffet, so I went on that. Afterwards I was running sound for the concerts, although the pro who owned the setup, Mark Ungar, did the Bohnhoffs' concert, and Stoph got back in time to do Puzzlebox (much to their relief, I'm sure).

I wound up leaving about halfway through Puzzlebox's concert because I was T-I-R-E-D and had to be at work at 9am.

After my Sunday shift I went back to the con, met up with a couple of friends and did dinner at an Ethiopian place in Campbell, then went back to the con and caught as much of the concerts as I was up to. I wanted to catch Lee Martindale's concert anyway because I had never heard her before; she was also borrowing my 12-string, but that was less important. She turned out to be very good. I was watching what she was doing with my 12-string (she finger picked it!). After her was mrlogic. His concert was a lot of fun, and like me, he had a power glitch in the middle of his "Little Blue Man" song; it became "Little Blue OOPS!" and then the power to his keyboard went POOF. He even played guitar(!). I'm jealous. :-)

I wanted to stick around to catch at least part of the next act, the Sharon Knight band, but they were late in getting set up, I was fading in real time, and I had to be at the station at 5am to go on air at 6am. I left, went home, and went THUD.

Today I went to the station, did my air shift, walked into a few walls and tables, helped out with the computers in the studio (which were all going wonky on Bud Kelly), and then went home. Warren and I brunched at the Original Pancake House in San Jose where I indulged in my last meal of "fruit with skin" till after Thursday (cherry-stuffed crepes). Mmmm. We then shopped (I was nearly out of milk), and then I crashed...till now.

I think Warren went to church. The garage door is opening now, and the dog is barking as she only does when he pulls in. :-)

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