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Day off for a change

While I wonder if they can ever figure out how to fix my gastrointestinal system, I'm trying to get life back to something resembling normal.

Yesterday was my first day off in two weeks. I slept 12 hours, then eased my way up. Warren and I went to Bajis', a cafe down the street that does very good breakfast and lunch and gets a "10" on friendliness. While we were there we saw lots of Ronald Reagan on the TVs. We then saw 1911-2004 and realized he'd died. Someone else in the place saw it and remarked "Thank God!"

After brunch we hit Costco and got supplies. We stopped home to drop them off (milk being perishable and all that), I petted the dog a bit, then we went to the Great Mall in Milpitas to walk around.

I always get a kick out of these stores that sell the stuff they show on infomercials -- I even call them "infomercial stores," and this mall has two of them. It's hard to look at things like the "Flowbee" or the "cordless grater" and not laugh. Some of the stuff is kind of cool and worth buying, too.

While we were there we decided to go see "Shrek 2." Pico-review: It was worth full admission. I won't spoil the plot, but there was a bichon frise in it, although its tail was more like a poodle's and it had very little personality.

Afterwards we got together with our friend Kristin for a light dinner and light conversation at Marie Callendar's.

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