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Radio Day

I had a hard time waking up, but eventually I got going to the radio station. The engineers were doing transmitter work, so I had more time to work on my voicers than I'd expected. As our chief engineer went to take the station off the air, he quipped, "We know what the news is. Ronald Reagan is still dead." What cracked him up the day before was when someone came on and said, "Ronald Reagan died from pneumonia today. We have the latest on that...coming up." As he put it, "For God's sakes, he's dead! It's not like he's going to die any more or something!" I was laughing. My producer and I had both been quipping "Ronald Reagan is still dead" all morning because we were getting sick of hearing about it.

After work I stopped at the store, picked up some fish, then came home and made a light supper. (For those of you who care, it was "melchadik.") I made "oven fried" sole by lightly coating the fish with mayonnaise, then with a flour and spice mixture I'd improvised. As that baked, I cut up and separately nuked batches of blue and cranberry potatoes. After they were cooked, I added some diet margarine and salt and combined the two sets of potatoes for a really neat looking dish. (Yes, white would have been even cooler to add, but it would have made too much food.)

I also "micro-steamed" some collard greens, and while the fish was baking, I made some sugar-free lemon bars using lemons from our comptroller's tree. I did a double-batch so I'd have some to take to work tomorrow. Warren loved everything I cooked, which was great. He wants me to cook for his mother next weekend; she broke her left arm, and the potatoes would be easy to eat. I told him I could easily figure out what to make for the meat, as I'd had to deal with not using my left arm less than a year ago.

Now I'm relaxed and with Lady in bed, resting up for the week ahead.

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