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Work outing

Today my day job had its semi-annual Company Outing. We were to meet at Moss Landing (over an hour from home) around 10am (most of us got there closer to 10:30-11am).

I woke up at 7am, showered, and made cheddar garlic herb biscuits for the potluck preceding our various boat trips. Most of the group was going on a 3-hour kayak tour of Elkhorn Slough (the "3 hour tour" evoked "Gilligan's Island" jokes from some of us, who had to explain to the rest of the folks what "Gilligan's Island" was). The rest of us, including me, opted for a two-hour boat ride called the "Elkhorn Slough Safari." Given that I'd spent the previous night on IV being pumped with fluids and being told I'm anemic, this was a smart move IMHO on my part.

The Accountant and I were the only ones to bring homemade food (she brought an excellent fruit salad). Most of the food was either sweets, junk food, chicken from the grocery store, or something with mushrooms (sigh...the shao mai would have been soooo good if I could've eaten them!). One guy brought generic SPAM (yes, there is such a thing!). Another remarked that it "looked and smelled like cat food," so a few of the guys tried to feed it to a less-than-willing cat who was hanging around our picnic tables.

After the potluck picnic we went to our boats. The slough "safari" was nice. The alpha male otter was especially cute; I regretted having forgotten to take my camera.

Afterwards, we had several hours in which to hang around Santa Cruz and wait for dinner to happen. I opted to walk around, visit a few stores, and just take it easy. Somewhere in there I ate something with a little more "balance" to it, ingested a medium latte, and sipped some really good tea. Santa Cruz shops are nice for browsing, but the prices there suck doody. Because the city is kind of remote, everything costs more, even their thrift shops!

Eventually we regrouped for dinner at the Crow's Nest. I recommend this place, folks; the food was excellent.

After dinner we piled into our cars and drove home.

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