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A life-and-death way to start the day

I arrived at the station today to find a fire truck and several police cars in the parking lot. Turns out we had a potential suicide jumper who'd climbed one of our transmitter towers.

Had it been "alive," he could have died from just touching it. Fortunately, the tower he'd climbed was non-operational and the cops were able to talk him down after a couple of hours. Meanwhile, the owner and the assistant chief engineer both showed up (the chief engineer was on vacation, as was my boss). It was very strange having them in around 10am.

It was also a "hot" news day. Normally the first thing I write up is the SuperLotto Plus results. Today I never got to them because we had an apartment fire in which someone died, a kidnapping suspect arrested, a woman arrested for killing a baby, taking the body to another town, and dumping it near where she worked, and "human remains" in a car in another town (which explained the odor coming from the car...eeeuw). I also wound up taking the on-air reins early so the guy before me could deal with the jumper and discovered I am capable of doing a traffic and weather update on a moment's notice. :-)

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