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I am soooo far behind in my LJ, so here's a quick summary of events of the past few days.

Tuesday I worked at home in the morning and into the afternoon. It was nice using my 21" monitor, but I discovered the font my boss adores, Tahoma, is PC-only. Yuck. I tried calling Microsoft support, learned my copy of MS Word was registered to someone named Fred in another state, fixed that, and got nowhere anyway. Turns out I'd have to order another MS Word CD-ROM. Ptooey.

That afternoon I asked about it on Filkhaven. Someone e-mailed me a font converter utility, but nobody sent me the font. The file looked like it'd all been done in Courier.

I was working at home again Wednesday and realized I needed the Tahoma font on my Mac to be able to properly view the files I was working on for work. I called Diana to ask her if she could e-mail me the font from her Wintel laptop. She did, I ran a PC-to-Mac font converter on it, and I was set. Warren was making gray food, and I figured Diana could use to get out, so I offered to buy her dinner in return for the font (it beat waiting two weeks for Microsoft to mail it!).

Dinner at Passage to India was great. It was a bit spicy for Diana and between mild and medium for me (figures). The discount coupon didn't hurt. :-)

Afterwards we went to Albertson's so I could deposit a couple of checks. This is when I noticed I didn't have my ATM card with me. We went back to the restaraunt, but it had closed and everyone was gone. I made sure I had enough cash on hand for the next day, and we went back to my place.

Warren and I went to the neurologist Thursday. This doctor hadn't even looked at his MRIs! She was also not the doctor to treat him. Everything I've read on arachnoid cysts in the brain calls for surgery in the form of a shunt. This doctor said, "I'm not a surgeon. I don't do shunts."

My reaction was to think, "Well, honey, what do you do?" She gave him a few quick "tests" including having him subtract seven from 100, then keep subtracting seven. Warren screwed up the math, which is not normal for him. Math runs in Warren's blood. Most of our strengths/weaknesses are ying and yang, but we're both math whizzes. He was President of his high school Accounting Club.

Despite this, the doctor thought he did "fine" on the tests. She wanted to send him for more testing, but he and I pressed for him to get a referral to a neurosurgeon -- someone who could treat him. She insisted, "Lots of people have severe abnormalities in their brain and life perfectly normal lives."

Warren's response was perfect: "I want my life back."

He's supposedly getting that referral. Unfortunately, it'll take about a month.

After the appointment we called his parents and told them what went on. His mother is counting on me to help him tear through Kaiser's roadblocks to get proper treatment. This thing could kill him.

We went to IHOP for brunch afterwards. Service was horrendous. After brunch we went back to Passage to India. They couldn't find my card. I know I left it there. Next stop was the downtown Mountain View Bank of America branch to stop the card, deposit the checks, and get a new card (and some cash).

The teller took my deposit, but she wanted to make me use a telephone to call Customer Service. I politely explained if I wanted to speak to someone on a phone I could do that from home, and that I wanted to deal with someone in person, which is why I was at the bank. She obliged and got the bank manager.

The manager was great. She and the teller set me up with a temporary Versateller/Visa card while I wait for the new one. She also set me up to have an Alaska Airlines Versateller/Visa card. I'll get frequent flyer miles and I'll be able to make larger charges. I felt a little better after I left the bank.

Next stop was Walmart to buy tampons. The Mountain View store didn't have the ones I prefer, so I went to the nearby Rite-Aid and got them, along with some heavily-discounted John Frieda shampoo for blondes.

We went home, I snuggled Lady a bit and cleaned her pen, and then I went to work. Turns out my boss had borrowed my machine for a demo (the one he was going to use wouldn't boot). When he asked for my password I was grateful I hadn't set it to something obscene. (As for personal stuff, if you think I'm going to keep anything personal on a laptop unit being used for work on a short-term contract, you are nuts.) The end result was I got paid to more or less sit around and do nothing, which was okay by me because I wasn't up to doing much of anything.

Friday I got feedback from my boss. He's happy with my work. He ordered FrameMaker for me. I am very happy about this. It tells me the company values my work and is committed to having me around for a while.

After work I stopped at the bread outlet and bought English muffins, bread, and pretzels. Next I hit the Safeway near home and bought a couple of mangoes to go with the coconut rice pudding I made the other day (yay mango sticky rice!), two gallons of milk, salad mix for Warren, and ice cream bars for Warren (he likes the candy-coated ones; I can pass them up). I also made sure I had enough cash for HBFD (Hot Bunch For Dinner).

Warren was cheered up when he saw the ice cream bars and pretzels and breads. I put everything away, and barely had time to get to Trex Central for the carpool to Ori Deli, which closes earlier than our other HBFD haunts. Despite Funboy-Dave's e-mail telling everyone to be early, only two of us besides Dave were on time. We were about five minutes late, but the other Dave (Klaatu-Dave) met us down there and had secured our table.

Dinner, as always, was wonderful. Ori Deli usually plays American albums from the early 60s on their loudspeakers, and it goes with the food like peanut butter goes with sour cream. Usually I'm the one who figures out what's playing, and that night was no exception: Marty Robbins. I recognized the voice, and two of us agreed if we heard "El Paso" it had to be Marty Robbins. Eventually we did, and we gave each other a knowing nod.

After dinner we made lots of purchases at the attached Indonesian grocery store. I found durian extract; three of us bought the stuff. I also bought coconut extract, coconut cream powder, dark chocolate Dutch spread similar to Nutella, ginger-lemongrass seasoning for chicken, tandoori spice mix, a nice-sized log of marzipan (at a really good price), and a couple of interesting-looking imported chocolate bars.

Saturday was my first day off this month. I slept in, called Mom (got her machine), then called Bruce and Shirl to discuss brunch. I decided I'd do my taxes today. We three-wayed Kristin in to help us decide where to go. We decided upon Sweet Tomatoes, a pretty good salad bar near Costco and Fry's, so I could buy the tax software.

Lunch conversation was relaxed. Kristin has been taking positive steps towards getting a new job. Bruce and I were discussing how the song "Inchworm" from the movie about Hans Christian Andersen would sound if the inches were counted in different radices.

After lunch I went to Fry's, bought the tax software, and went straight home. I hadn't seen enough of Lady, so I let her out of her pen and played with her on my bed as I gathered papers for tax preparation.

Lady was very good today. I pulled out a couple of toys for her: a bacon-flavored Booda bone, and a clear superball with a noisemaker and laer that go off when you bounce it. I left them in her pen before I went to bed, and every once in a while I hear the laser noise go off as she sets it off on her own.

When I learned I'd have to ferret through years of E*Trade records to do my return, I decided to instead file for an extension.

I played with Lady some more, made myself some mango sticky rice and a diet raspberry Italian soda. I am now trying to get myself to sleep for Sunday, but thinking about that neurologist gets me riled up.

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