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A "Because I Can" kind of day

Today I had chocolate buttermilk waffles with vanilla-bean infused whipped cream -- all sugar-free -- for brunch. I was craving something like this, so I made it -- because I can.

I have time for me for a change, and I'd be a fool if I didn't try to take advantage of it a bit.

I tried to make a dermatologist appointment. That didn't work out, but at least I tried. I also tried to find out about replacing the suitcase that got dented at Heathrow in February. That will likely have to wait till either tomorrow or next week.

Late this afternoon Dave from Metro Networks called with extra hours for me tomorrow morning. I was trying to play down my ebullience. Apparently he wants to increase my workload. If I can get up to 25 hours a week, I can get AFTRA insurance. That would be soooo cool!

I sent in a skills matrix for a very junior tech writing contract -- so junior I could do it in my sleep. I'd be ecstatic if it paid halfway decently. Either way, at worst if I got it I'd be able to coast through it.

Tonight I'm taking Warren to see Avalon Rising at The Kings Head. I will finally get to introduce him to Margaret and Kristoph and the rest of the band. Why? Because I can. It was a little tricky talking him into it, but when I assured him a) it's in his neck of the woods and b) there were lots of foods on the menu he could eat, he was agreeable.

I played with my dog this afternoon. Several times. Why? Because I can. Watching her splay her legs as she runs around is hysterical. The look of delight on her face and in her body language is priceless.

I also pampered myself this afternoon with an extra scrubbing and extra long conditioning treatment for my hair. Why? Because I can. I haven't had the time to pamper myself in ages.

Right now I'm resting here, smiling without even realizing it. If I weren't cramping so much today I'd be exercising, but I'll do that eventually...Because I can.

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