Lynn Gold (figmo) wrote,
Lynn Gold

Seven things

Stolen from browngirl....

Seven things that scare me:
Not having enough money
Warren's medical plan
Meeting new people
Job interviews

Seven things that make me laugh:
Allan Sherman
Tom Lehrer
The stuff played on DFSX (Live365 channel)
South Park
Almost anything by alumni of Monty Python's Flying Circus

Seven things I love:
My mother
Hot, spicy food
My bed
My laptop unit

Seven things I hate:
Most rap music
Tunafish (the kind that comes in cans)
Cold chicken

Seven things I don't understand:
Serial killers
Fashion trends
Being mean for no reason
Why rawhide tastes so good to dogs
Why dirty, stinky socks smell heavenly to dogs
Why some folks ask you what you want and then ignore what you say

Seven things in my room:
My laptop unit
Stuffed animals
My bed
My bedroom furniture
My TV with alarm clock feature
My radio/alarm clock from when I started college
A bookshelf unit stacked with assorted books and software

Seven things I am right now:
Suffering from a bad sinus headache
Overweight and uncomfortable with it (not so much emotionally but physically)
Employed (for the moment)
Satiated (I had a good dinner tonight)

Seven facts about me:
I'm Jewish (reform)
I'm monogamous
I don't keep Kosher
I adore broadcast journalism
I've been on the air professionally in the bay area for over 11 years and hope to keep on the air
I own a house
I like to make people laugh

Seven things I plan to do before I die:
(I'd prefer this as "Seven things I hope to do before I die" because I don't know if these are doable.)
Have children (with Warren, gush gush)
Have my own TV show
See as much of the world as possible
Drive through all 48 continental United States
Record a CD of my material
Get a professional performing career going
Make enough money in computers so I won't have to work in the computing field and can do what I want full-time

Seven things I can do:
Play guitar
Make furniture
Make pottery
Program computers (even though I dislike doing so)
Run a TV camera

Seven things I can't do:
Win an Olympic Medal (the cortisteroids I'm perpetually being put on disqualify me)
Run to save my life
Bring people back from the dead
Touch my tongue to my nose

Seven favorite movies:
A Night at the Opera
A Day at the Races
The Blues Brothers
Singing in the Rain
The Pink Panther
Take the Money and Run

Seven favorite books:
(This is where I show how poorly read I am)
Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex
Barrayar (anything from the "Miles Vorkosigan" series)
Ender's Game (I like the whole series)
Uplift Wars (again, I'm hooked on the series)
Dragonsong (and the whole Dragonriders of Pern series)
MythAdventures (the series)
The Left Hand of Darkness

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