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Before I konk: My weekend

Friday I was at Metro Networks in SF at 5am. My shift was more hectic than usual because, in addition to doing ten reports for the Sirius Satellite Radio network per hour, I had to do six reports an hour for a station in Vacaville. Fortunately, I knew how to use the equipment to my best advantange, so it went off without a hitch.

I went to my car at 9:30am after my shift ended and found my right rear window smashed in. I spent half an hour trying to file a police report to no avail (I was put on hold...ugh).I had to take Warren to the neurologist (more on that later), but first I found myself driving home very slowly (I can't drive when the wind is blowing my hair into my eyes). I scrambled to get a rental car, and then we were on our way, barely making it on time.

Afterwards we went to a pizza place nearby, then home. I got in about three hours sleep before I had to get up at 5am for my KLIV shift which started at 6:30am. I barely made that on time. That shift was done at 2:30pm. During said shift I realized whoever had bashed in my car window had stolen my workout/overnight bag I needed for my trip to the east coast.

I therefore spent most of the time between shifts trying to replace supplies, and with limited success. I got home around 8pm, showered, and had to be back up by 12am to get to SF by 1am for the shift I was doing (not my normal shift; I'd agreed to fill it that weekend to get Labor Day off so soon). At 9:15 I was done. Warren and I got breakfast, then I continued shopping. I got home with only an hour left to sleep before I had to get up to be at KLIV at 4pm. At midnight my shift ended. We then went out for a bite to eat (Warren was hungry and was driving).

Now I'm home. I'm tired. I'm finally fading.

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