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Awkward moment OTD

Despite my current state of mind, I seem to be getting phone calls.

The dog has been acting up, so she's spent a good chunk of today in solitary confinement (locked in the hall bathroom in the bathtub). This is the doggie equivalent of "time out."

After the first "solitary" she first went straight to her wee-wee pad, then as I pulled it up, she started pooping straight onto the tray on which I keep it. I tried stopping her till I could get a new pad down. I got the pad down, but she still insisted on going on the tray, so I moved her to the pad. She responded by sprinting to the computer room and finishing her load under my computer desk. Back to another round of "solitary." (She looked guilty.)

After the second round, I let her out and she hung with me a bit. As I was finishing making dinner, the phone rang; it was an interview. As the guy was asking me technical questions, Lady proceeded to her wee-wee pad, first nailing it with a good piddle, then doing a #2, all while looking at me as if to say, "I got it right this time!" The poor interviewer asked me if I was "in a hurry." I didn't have the heart to tell him about what I was watching.

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