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Action Figure Meme

Shamelessly snarfed from tigertoy and catalana:

Go to the toy aisle of any store. All the dolls (or "action figures") come packaged with one or two "accessories." Barbie has her purse, The Hulk has a big rock, Space Ghost has little cards and a desk.

If I were to go to the toy store and buy a YOU action figure, which one or two little objects would be in your package with you? Furthermore, what outfit would you be wearing, and what action would you perform when I pressed the little lever on your back?

The Lynn Gold/Gail Alexander ("The Great") Action FigureTM has a microphone, some paper, a guitar slung over one shoulder, and a laptop computer bag (with fully-functional laptop unit) over the other. Attached by a pink leash is a miniature, fully-functioning Bichon Frise doll that keeps standing on its hind legs and wanting to play.

When you press the button, you never know whether the doll is going to burst out into a newscast or traffic report, whip out the guitar and do a song, or whip out the computer and either send e-mail or accompany herself, or surprises you altogether by whipping out a dog toy from the computer bag and playing with the puppy.

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