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More memes

Stolen from kshandra:
  1. If you could build your house anywhere, where would it be?
    On a nice, expansive piece of property in Beverly Hills with a huge yard and nearby beach.

  2. What's your favorite article of clothing?
    Right now it's a navy blue crushed velour dress I made a few years ago. I can take it just about anywhere, it looks elegant, goes with my jewelry, and it always fits.

  3. What's your favorite physical feature of the opposite sex?
    Nice eyes.

  4. The last cd that you bought?
    It was by a DJ based in Nashville heckling telephone solicitors I picked up in the Used bin at Compact Disc Warehouse. I'm blanking on the guy's name, but when I got to the part where the solicitor from the police didn't react when he said he was working on a pipe bomb (with the bomb clanking in the background) I had to buy it.

  5. Your favorite place to be?
    At home, in the comfort of my bed.

  6. Where's your least favorite place to be?
    New Jersey.

  7. What's your favorite place to be massaged?
    My back.

  8. What's most important, strong in mind or strong in body?

  9. What time do you wake in the morning?
    That's highly variable. Even when I set my alarm I don't wake up consistently. Today I slept through the whole three hours of alarm.

  10. What's your favorite TV show?
    Probably Iron Chef. I also like Crocodile Hunter, Pop-Up Video, and Mysteries and Scandals, but there haven't been any new ones in ages.

  11. What's your favorite kitchen appliance?
    Either my Cuisinart or my Kitchen Aid mixer (which, alas, is buried in my storage room).

  12. What's your favorite childhood memory?
    For my eighth birthday my paternal grandparents took me on a shopping spree. I was allowed to have anything I wanted. When they took me back home my maternal grandparents pulled up with a car full of even more gifts. The look on my paternal grandparents' faces was priceless, as if to say, "We did all that and they still outdid us?"

    What they didn't realize was my maternal grandparents were also hauling gifts from the extended family in upstate Pennsylvania.

  13. What/who makes you laugh?
    Allan Sherman, Tom Lehrer, Warren, Lady, and most of what's played on DFSX (Live365 station).

  14. What/who makes you really angry?
    Domestic violence and other kinds of unsolicited violence against people and innocent animals.

  15. If you could play any instrument what would it be?
    I already play guitar and keyboards (albeit badly). I wish I could play the violin or play any of them well.

  16. Favorite restaurant/cafe/eatery?
    I don't have just one. :-)

  17. Scariest moment of your life?
    When my Grandpop called me over the day after my 16th birthday and I saw him dying, hanging out the downstairs bathroom.

  18. If there was a movie made about you, what current/former Hollywood star would play you?
    Sally Field

  19. Do you believe in afterlife?

  20. Favorite children's book?
    "The Cat in the Hat" by Dr. Seuss

  21. What is your favorite season?

  22. What is your least favorite household chore?
    The dishes.

  23. If you could have one super power, what would it be?
    The ability to control minds -- so everyone would like me. :-)

  24. If you have a tattoo what is it and where?
    I don't have any.

  25. Who was your first love and at what age?
    I guess it was David Hughes, the guy with whom I had my first date 11 days before my 17th birthday.

  26. The song you wished you had written?
    "Go Away" by Peggy O'Neill. There are a few others, but I'm blanking on them right now.

  27. Do you prefer cats or dogs?

  28. What's in the trunk of your car?
    A tire jack, a quart of oil, my "stands" bag, some food items from my office at Cadence that I like to keep at hand.

  29. What is your favorite day?

  30. Using only one word, describe yourself?

  31. Using only one word, describe what you would want to be?

  32. Sleep: pajamas, t-shirt, sweats, or naked?
    T-shirt. I have a huge collection of "night shirts" from trade shows and former employers. Extra-large shirts are way too big to comfortably wear in public, but they make perfect nightshirts for someone my size, and they're free.

  33. Who is your personal hero (living, dead, or fictional)?
    Lucille Ball. People don't realize she owned the studios where nearly everyone produced their TV shows in the 60s into the early 70s.

  34. What makes you happy - thinking about the past, the present, or the future?
    The future.

  35. What do you fear?
    Death. Homelessness -- and anything that could lead to it. Terminal illness. Being permanently crippled.

  36. What is the most memorable Christmas gift you have received?
    Uh...I'm Jewish. Grandmom and Grandpop used to give me Christmas gifts (my "stocking" usually contained underwear and socks because Grandmom worked at a clothing factory) anyway, but the most memorable gifts always came on my birthday or as "unbirthday" gifts.

  37. What is your favorite school subject?
    Either music, drama, or radio lab

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