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Long time, no check in

Lots of little things have been going on, keeping me busy.

Friday morning Lady had a vet appointment. I had set myself up so I could work from home a little. I had been debugging a problem with distilling Acrobat files, and I finally met with success. Unfortunately, this was also when I learned -- the hard way -- that my maid service had dropped and broken my curling iron.

This may sound like something piddly, but I have bangs that default to sticking straight out or out and up at about a 45 degree angle from my head (think "Astro Boy"). The purpose of the curling iron is to cause them to look something like bangs. I starched them down with a heavy dose of hair spray and barely got Lady to the vet to get her rabies shot and her talons "nails" trimmed.

While I was out I quickly bought a new curling iron. I also splurged on a few new pairs of barettes. The new iron is great; it heats up faster and hotter than the old one, and it has automatic shutoff. Yaay! I almost didn't buy anything, though, because the saleslady kept directing me at brunette stuff (I'm a blonde, dammit! This is what real blonde looks like!).

Jane, my boss from the radio station, called Friday while I had Lady at the vet. Nikki, the Sunday morning anchor, had requested the day off, and Jane wasn't able to find a fill-in for her, so she wanted me to come in at 9am (instead of 11am) and work till 6pm (instead of 7pm). Yes, that's an extra hour. Yes, that's a painful skewing of my schedule with pretty much no time to adjust. Yes, I dragged through the entire shift.

At work they've got me writing original documentation. I'm busy outlining the manual I'm to cobble together this month. The folks there are reasonable in their expectations. I'm hoping to convince them by my work that they need a permanent tech writer on their staff (hopefully me, of course). My outline is due Wednesday, and the schedule is due Thursday. Fortunately for me, I'd already started outlining stuff before I was asked for it.

Warren has discovered Lady doesn't quite know what to do with ice cubes. His latest thing is taking an ice cube and putting it in her water dish. She bats at it like a kitten, and he laughs himself silly. I only wish I didn't have to clean up the mess in her pen afterwards.

I've been revving up for Warren's neurosurgeon appointment Wednesday. I figure in reality the outline has to mostly be in place by the time I leave work tomorrow so I can relax and calm Warren down.

To help make up for the loss of income from my sick day a couple of weeks ago I've been eating in a lot more. On Satuday I bought six pounds of lean ground beef at Costco (the price was good), and today I had some of it as Peking Sauce Noodles. I found a cooking sauce at the store that worked; I only regret not having black bean paste to add (I had the stuff, but Warren must've thrown it out...sigh). Warren had some and liked it. Tonight's "beverage du jour" was two glasses of diet cherry Italian soda.

I have been having problems with my scanner software. When I select the scanner in Chooser the system hangs. I'm running MacOS 8.6, and I suspect Chooser is what's actually corrupted because I've reinstalled all the scanner software.

Just to cover my butt, I plunked down $99 for the plug-in to my portable printer that will enable it to function as a scanner. I also bought some high-end OCR software to use with it. I have a bunch of files I need to scan in, and the thought of doing so while lying in bed totally jives with my sensibilities. I need to make up the time I'll lose with Warren Wednesday, and anything that'll show results while letting me rest is good.

Next I get to debate with myself whether to push myself to intall the software (and hardware) tonight or wait till after I wake up. Nah; decided. I barely got that last sentence out. Virtual tomorrow....

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