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What I did for my Halloween costume

A couple of weeks ago they brought in a portable air conditioning unit for the weekend crew at Metro Networks. The device looked like a cross between the robot from "Lost in Space" and one of the Daleks from "Dr. Who." It seemed everyone who saw it either wanted to go "Danger, Danger Will Robinson!" or "Exterminate! Exterminate!"

Me, being the warped person I am, showed up for my Saturday shift with my digital camera and a retractable measure in tow. I drew a diagram of the thing, took measurements, and thought "Hmmm...."

To amuse my co-workers, and to further make the costume easier to do, that Monday I created eyes, eyebrows, a mouth, and ears for the air conditioning unit.

Saturday night I showed up for my shift armed with black duct tape, a dryer duct, insulation, foil tape, plastic tubing, and gift wrapping paper. KGO was broadcasting a football game for the first half of my shift, so I had lots of free time to work on it.

The end result wasn't accurate by master costumer standards, but accuracy would have cost me at least $50 more than I spent (I didn't spend much on this).

The original unit:

My costume:

I waited for the morning drive crew to arrive, then walked in with it from one of the vacant offices. Much laughter ensued. I was too tired to wait for the rest of the folks there to arrive for the day (no surprise), so I'll have to wait till tomorrow to find out how it went over.

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