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Adrenal rush

I was at the tail end of my 10am-6pm shift when KGO called Metro Networks. "Lin Durling [the guy who normally anchors the traffic] just called in sick. Michaelynn [the airborne who fills in when he calls in sick] was just getting into the shower when we called. We need someone there to do the first few breaks."

Bob the producer and I looked at each other. The last time this happened, Bob did them. Instead, Bob said, "That would be you."

Doing morning drive was a rush. There I was on the number one station in the San Francisco Bay Area --a nd I got to banter a bit with the anchors! Michaelynn got there in time for the :38 break ("Traffic on the 8s").


I then had to drive home and nearly passed out behind the wheel from sheer exhaustion.


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