Lynn Gold (figmo) wrote,
Lynn Gold

Hijacking a hijacked meme

Ganked from lrc as shown here:

The problem with LJ: we all think we are so close, we fill up our journals with amazingly inane drivel.

I want you to write a post that actually has meaning beyond the limits of your own personal issues. Write about something important, put some effort in, do a good job of it. When you are done, you should be proud of what you wrote.

Either that, or we can all continue the literary wankage and cyber-navalgazing that we've gotten so good at.

The Pursuit of Happiness (or "What's Illegal in North Carolina May Be The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of in North Dakota")

Happiness is important. The U.S. Declaration mentions "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." We all strive for it; some of us even achieve it. It's also true that what makes one person happy can make another person miserable. Sometimes these traits dovetail in ying-yang fashion; other times they run counter to each other.

For example, there are folks who believe the only way to be happy is to worship their deity in their choice of religion. Clearly if this were the case we'd all be worshipping the same way, but we don't. Sexuality is another area where folks often want to impose their own viewpoints. Some folks think their way is the only way. Again, if this were true, we wouldn't have people with different styles of sexuality and fidelity.

Often we trade off one thing that makes us happy for another thing in hopes that it will make us happier. For example, we might work at a job we detest for 50-60 hours a week if it means we can live in a house that makes us happy. On the other end, we might work at a low-paying job for 40 hours a week or less if we value how we spend our work time more than where we spend our free time. The hardest thing for someone can be making the switch from the first scenario here to the second; the last thing anyone wants is to spend their work time doing something miserable that doesn't even pay enough for a decent place for them to spend their free time.

If you aren't feeling good about your life, change it. Figure out what you want out of life, then go get it.

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