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This time I'm ready

I have the day off. Okay, technically I worked for two hours (midnight-2am), but logically I'm off. Today, though, it feels good because I've planned what I want to do.

I just spent most of the last hour brushing Lady. This might not sound like fun to many of you, but for us it's a time of touching, bonding, and playing "Barbie dress-up." When I do it right she lies there, all cute and fluffy, and lets me brush out her mats. A full hour of getting to run my fingers through her nice, fluffy doggie fur is sheer bliss, especially when there's a pair of adorable black puppy-dog eyes staring back at me.

I got a coupon in my e-mail for SuperCuts, so I'm thinking of going this afternoon. I also need to hit Costco for motor oil and milk (not to use together, of course!), and next door at Pet Club I'll pick up some more food for Her Whiteness.

Even with all this I still have time to putter around in the kitchen. I bought some more gingko nuts to cook up, and I've been taking dribs and drabs of time over the last few days shelling them and tossing the nuts into a large pot of water I've been changing daily. Today I want to finish them up. I also hope to get around to making that green Thai curry I wanted to do up the other day but was too tired to make or enjoy. If Warren shows, I'll be more likely to make it.

I'd also like to take Lady for a walk. She needs and deserves it.

This may seem like a "loaded" day for some of you, but I'm looking at it as leisurely.

Of course, I could cast this all to the wind, shlep to the outlets, and shop like a madwoman (heh!)....

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