Lynn Gold (figmo) wrote,
Lynn Gold

Survey meme

Ganked from serenejournal...

1. Tell about a really important piece of advice you received in the past.
From a Vice-President at CBS who was riding the same bus to south Jersey I was on: "When you assume something, you make an 'ass' out of 'u' and 'me.'"

2. Given all the money, happiness, and time you need, what would your typical day look like?
Wake up, cuddle the dog, shower and dress, go to my radio job, work mostly on-air for 8 hours, go out with friends, go home and cuddle the dog and spend more time with the BF.

3. Tell about a book that you keep returning to. What is so special about it?

Jean Hewitt's International Meatless Cookbook. She uses the term "meatless" very loosely -- only to mean "no red meat." The book has lots of good recipes, including a few for items I grew up with where I haven't been able to find the recipe anywhere else.

4. If you could have a conversation with one person tomorrow, and convince that one person of one thing, who/what would it be?
Hee. Either Greg Tantum or Ed Cavagnaro. The former is the News Director of KGO; the latter News Director at KCBS. The thing I'd want to "convince" them of is to hire me to be a full-time news reporter/anchor.

5. Is there a spot on your body that's not normally considered an erogenous zone, but it drives you crazy? What is it?
If there is, I have yet to find it.

6. _______________ was the best $5.00 I ever spent. (Or, if you're not in the US, use an amount that's equivalent-ish -- there's a currency converter at )

I bought some dried pigs' ears for Lady and got tons of entertainment watching her play with them.

7. Imagine you have to go to work every day, in an office, with people you like. What work are you likely to be doing? (I'm looking to avoid answers like "Staying home with my family," or "Finishing my novel while I websurf," etc.)

News and/or traffic reporting. I'm either gathering news, writing it, or anchoring it. I could also be doing traffic reporting. (Funny...isn't that what I'm doing now when I do get work?)

8. Name a fictional character whose life seems like one you'd love. What is it about that life that attracts you?

I have yet to find a fictional character whose life I want to live.

9. Name three things that help pull you out of a funk.

1. Comedy -- whether audio or visual.
2. Loved ones, especially Warren or Lady.
3. If it's low blood sugar, a good meal.

10. Name four people who have seen you at your worst and still stuck by you. (If you don't feel like naming names, don't. Use pseudonyms or, hell, skip it if you want. :-) )

1. Warren
2. dimakoi
3&4. Robin Baylor and Fred Capp

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