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Another half-baked weekend

Given the way the next couple of weeks are shaking out, I'm actually not minding not doing KGO news right now.

Warren closed the door to my bedroom overnight while I was sleeping, so I woke up at 4:30am very dehydrated. Several glasses of sugar-free Tang later I was okay, albeit a skosh nauseated. I was really out of it at KLIV, barely making it through my shift. I put together my interview with Wuthel, but I think I made the piece too long. I kept the thing in a file in case I'm told to cut it in half. If George tells me to do so, I won't blame him.

Next I filled the car with gas, then went to Hancock's Fabrics to check out their one-day sale. I was hoping to find some fabric I'd want to use to make a quilt for the dog (she's been picking at herself and mostly where she sits, so I suspect she's allergic to the chenille throws on the chairs), but nothing moved me. Either I liked the designs on the fabric but the color combination didn't work for the den, or the colors matched the den but they were ugly or the design was not to my taste.

I then looked at patterns, decided I didn't see anything I wanted, and left without buying anything. Next I went to Safeway to get something to make for dinner. I figured I would check the fish selection. They had salmon on sale, so I picked up a pound for $3.99. That was all I bought. Next stop: home.

I rested a bit, then made dinner. I dusted the salmon with pink sea salt I'd picked up at Berkeley Bowl and put it under 500F heat, started up a spaghetti squash (hey, they were $0.19/lb at Berkeley Bowl -- can you blame me for buying a bunch?), then started micro-steaming some pre-cut turnip greens I'd gotten on sale at the Grocery Outlet. Once the salmon was golden, I turned the heat to 300F to let it finish cooking without drying out. A few minutes later we had dinner.

Warren was very pleased. After dinner I got a sudden case of the chills. Luckily, this was due to Warren's having set the thermostat to "meat locker" and the heat running out of the kitchen rather than anything being wrong with me.

Right now I'm in bed, dealing with cramps. I'm rather glad I'm dealing with them now rather than next week, as I've got a Schedule From Hell(tm) coming up for the next couple of weeks...but I'll save that for another post.

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