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Weekend stuff

Yesterday I did my KLIV shift; it was largely uneventful. It was also a slow news day. Afterwards I ran a bunch of shopping errands, then made dinner. I was feeling run-down and feared I might be coming down with something so I bought the fixings for chicken soup, which I started making last night and finished this morning. This morning I made kreplach to put into the soup.

While waiting for the kreplach filling to cool I started on Lady's quilts. She seems to be allergic to my chenille throws (Warren won't just let me have bare chairs...sigh...and if I don't have something on them he insists on using ugly ratty white towels that totally clash with my den), so I'm making 100% cotton quilts. I bought material for two quilts. One will match the den; the other is in a series of pastel prints with dogs and cats on them that all appear to be drawn by the same artist. Even cooler, many of the dogs look like Bichon Frises. I had preshrunk the fabric and needed to iron it. As I was ironing the doggie-motif fabric, Lady came by and started curling up in it. This is IMHO a very good sign -- her way of giving it her "seal of approval."

I am now reasonably sure she's going to like at least one of the quilts. Unfortunately, it's going to be the one that doesn't quite go with the den. Oh'll be cute.

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