Lynn Gold (figmo) wrote,
Lynn Gold

I YAM....

Stolen shamelessly from cadhla....

Five things you wear every day:
1. Panties
2. A nightshirt
3. Ummm....
4. Mmmm....
5. Hmmm....

Five things you still have from when you were little:
1. "Mr. Piggles," my piggy bank Uncle Pete gave me when I was 4.
2. The "For the Mink" coin bank with a photo of Dad holding me on his 25th birthday.
3. Photos of me as a child.
4. The copy of "My Son, the Folk Singer" I used to watch spin around on Nanny and Pop-Pop's stereo console (I have the photo of me doing this).
5. A yellow-gold turtleneck sweater from when I was 10 that still fits (I was a fat kid).

Five people you've known since high school:
1. Katie (we were 6.5 years old when we met).
2. Ummm....
3. Hmmm....
4. Ahem....
5. Mmmm...I wasn't close to anyone in high school and have lost touch with nearly all my other pre-college-years friends.

Five people on LJ you consider close friends:
1. johno
2. kshandra
3. gridlore
4. rmjwell
5. misdev

Five things on your computer desk, other than your computer:
1. Printer on printer stand with paper
2. Scanner
3. Canister of pens and pencils
4. Cable Modem
5. Bills and other paperwork

Five people you have met in real life, after chatting online:
1. My ex-husband.
2. Hmmm....
3. Mmmm....
4. Ummm....
5. Well....I've only recently started chatting online again, and I haven't yet met anyone in person from that chat room I don't already know.

Five people you want to meet in real life, after chatting online:
1. Rika (aka "Bardling").
2. Colin (from the UK).
3. Bill Daul.
4. Talis Kimberley (that will also be rectified soon enough)
5. Simon Fairbourn (that will be rectified soon enough)

Five of your favorite TV shows as a kid:
1. "The Tonight Show" starring Johnny Carson
2. "The Carol Burnett Show"
3. "The Milton Berle Show"
4. "Laugh-In"
5. "The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour"

Five pop groups/singers you had teenybopper crushes on:
1. Ummm....
2. Hmmm....
3. Mmmm....
4. Ahem....
5. Well....I always considered the crushes "below" me, instead hoping to be their "equal" when I grew up and didn't have parents holding me back from achieving stuff.

Five guilty childhood pleasures:
1. Pretending to be an artist while carving Ivory soap into the shape of An-Du-Deptic chalk for an April Fool's Day prank in high school.
2. Acting out TV shows with my dolls under the sheets, using the glow-in-the-dark dolls for light.
3. Going shopping with Grandpop.
4. Going to museums with Pop-Pop.
5. Going swimming with Nanny.

Five reasons to date you:
1. You have a sick sense of humor.
2. My voice -- you can't get enough of it.
3. I can get us into lots of cool places for free because I work at a radio station.
4. You like heavy-duty intellectual stimulation.
5. Your name is Warren.

Five reasons not to date you:
1. You don't like science fiction fans.
2. You find it annoying that I work on weekends.
3. You don't like dogs.
4. You want someone who looks like a model and displays the intellectual capacity of a grain of sawdust.
5. You don't want Warren to beat the snot out of you.

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