Lynn Gold (figmo) wrote,
Lynn Gold

My next week -- knock on aluminum

(Aluminum describes the surface of my PowerBook, aka "Big Gay Al," the nearest surface to tap.)

The mother of one of the guys at work died. I'm filling in for his morning hours all week; others are filling in when he has to do sports every 20 minutes. Having KNBR taken off the morning shift when I fill in is not necessarily a bad thing, because my last break ends before 8:30am. This means I get more sleep -- something I'll need this week. OTOH, since Dave doesn't quite realize my last break is at 8:20am I can still get paid to work till 9am. Since I recently learned he still owes me hours anyway (from my 16 hour day a while back; I didn't know the last four hours of that shift were supposed to be double time), I don't feel dishonest doing this, as I'll have to sneak the hours in somehow.

Thus, my actual schedule, as of now, looks like this:

Mon: 5am-8:30am
Tue: 5am-8:30am
Wed: 5am-8:30am, noon-7pm
Thu: 5am-8:30am, 3pm-7pm
Fri: 5am-8:30am

I was originally scheduled for Yet Another Marathon Friday, but it's the first day of Consonance, and I had asked for the midday to afternoon drive off. I told Dave morning drive was okay because nobody would miss me at those hours. (Besides, I'll get out in time to shlep across to Oakland and pick up the tuba when the music shop opens.)

I'm fighting a sinus infection, so I plan on trying to get to my ENT Monday afternoon (I'll call his office towards the end of my shift). I plan on taking care of end-of-the-month business today and tomorrow too. I plan to pack for the weekend Tuesday; I've already got the car half-packed.

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