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So much for a relaxing day

I got together with friends Bruce and sroth for lunch at Fresh Choice in Mountain View so I could use up some free drink coupons that expire tomorrow. The three of us got to indulge in severely discounted meals. During the meal I had one of those "senior moments," but of a different sort. First I couldn't read mhari_lindhaven's phone number. Then I was trying to read johno's phone number from my Palm IIIxe and realized I could no longer differentiate between an "8" and a "0." I've had this happen a few times before, but this was the worst.

After hitting Costco for Warren and to get gas, I went to Fry's and indulged myself in a new toy -- a Zire 72 (special edition...sigh) with GPS navigation pack. I figure by getting it with the nav pack I can claim it as a "business expense" since I am a traffic reporter; without it the deduction would be questionable.

Soon I will hook it up to begin charging. I wish the darned thing were gold instead of silver (it'd fit me much better :-) ), but heck, it was discounted beyond the sale price by $25 (not including the $50 rebate), so I figure I cut a halfway decent bargain.

Right now I'm nuking the leftover spaghetti and meatballs for dinner for Warren and me; if I need to, I'll supplement dinner with soup. I'm not sure whether I should knock myself out with some hot tea and mini-donuts or watch the rest of the Oscars, as I'll be doing news in the morning and it'll be the hot story.

OTOH, it's not like the morning news that wakes me up won't have the highlights.

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