Lynn Gold (figmo) wrote,
Lynn Gold

Well THAT was interesting!

I just found out why I never got replaced at that Job From Hell(tm) I had a year ago.

Turns out the company got bought by Cisco in January. (The purchase was announced on December 20th.)

At first read I thought it might've behooved me to suck up, but upon further thought, I'm very glad I got axed.

I'm sure they turned over the writing tasks to one of their many staff writers. As for me, I wouldn't have benefitted because my stock had not yet accrued. In other words, I'd have been overworked by a different company at the same underpaid rate. Given the amount of time the company officially existed, it's highly unlikely any of the employees other than The Big Brass made enough to buy anything more than a car, and a cheap one at that.

Judging by what I saw on their web site, it looks like they never really did up any more documentation after they axed me.

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