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I was given a bunch of FrameMaker files at work yesterday and told to put them together into a book. I added a table of contents (TOC) and an index. My co-workers tell me that's all I have to do for now. No wonder my boss wants me to not come in next week!

Last night was the radio stations' holiday party. This year it was pretty low-key. Bob, the stations' owner, got up and made a few remarks about how we're "family" and told everyone in the room they were invited back next year "no matter where you are or what you're doing." That was very nice of him. That's Bob.

After that he and some of the other brass divvied up envelopes and passed them around to their subordinates. Inside each envelope was a $25.00 gift certificate for a place that sells smoked meats and fish. YUM. In the past they've given us packages containing a ham and some smoked salmon; this, IMHO, was MUCH better because we can all pick what we like. The guys would always wonder what to do with the fish, and I'd wonder what to do with the ham. This way I can blow it on a lox-fest. :-)

After they distributed the envelopes we ate. Dinner was a salad, warm rolls and butter, red and white wine (I'd grabbed lots of glasses of "water on the rocks with a wedge of lime" so I'd have enough fluid to drink during dinner), a 3oz piece of chicken breast, a huge chunk of steak (I think it was sirloin, medium rare), some red potatoes, and some vegetables. I took the sirloin home for Warren, thinking about how in years past it went to Fuzzball (sniff).

Dessert was cheesecake with strawberry puree (it always is) along with your choice of regular or decaf coffee. My producer, Liz, was getting on my case for drinking "flavorless" decaf instead of regular. I told Liz I valued sleep over taste.

As folks were finishing dessert the shmoozing began. Half the room was snockered; the other half of us were people-watching and picking up gossip. There was alot of gossip this year -- more than in the past -- because the main FM station, KARA, is being sold to Hispanic Broadcasting Company and will go Spanish sometime around February or March of next year. This will displace the DJs, all but one of whom have been with the station over a decade. The big speculation is what will happen to our morning DJ, Kim Vestal. Rumor has it another station has been courting her, and it was pointed out that the station mentioned in the rumor just dumped its morning guy about a month ago allegedly as a "cost-cutting" measure. Uh, right. Considering the guy who got cut once told me I should "consider getting out of radio," I dont' feel too bad.

The other big piece of gossip had to do with personnel changes at various places due to the upcoming switch of our NBC TV affiliate from KRON in San Francisco to KNTV in San Jose, along with NBC's purchase of the latter. One of the former KRTY (our station's country FM) DJs showed up this week doing traffic on KNTV; it was noted he was filling in for the gal who used to do it on KRON until a few months ago. The person who used to do traffic on KNTV was Metro Traffic San Jose's Director of Operations, Dina Braun, who was a classmate of mine at San Jose State. We're all wondering what happened to Dina. One rumor floating around is she moved to Colorado.

After dinner Diana, Warren, our friend Dennis, and I went to a coffee shop to compare notes and gossip. I won't go into details, as I'd blow ever getting gossip again, but we each had something different to convey. Half the fun was watching folks who were drunk slip up and say stuff they shouldn't; the other fun thing was watching the assorted sucking up, who was sitting with who, and so forth, especially knowing who does and doesn't like who. Of course, our gossip is extra-interesting because most of the bay area has heard of the folks we're hanging with.

Meanwhile, I've nearly done all my tasks for the week at my day job. While I was at it I got my Palm IIIxe to hotsync with my SPARC Ultra 10. Yee-HAW!!! The documentation on how to use the software sucked, so I was amazed I got it to work.

On other fronts, I called around to my breeder list. No luck in getting a little girl Bichon Frise puppy. The females that have been born recently all seem to be show dogs, and nobody wants to let them go to a companion home. Everyone wants me to take a boy dog, but between the six-inch-high dog urine stains (Mom's Bichon is a boy; I know about the urine stains first-hand) and the all-female "watch puppies" next door (I'm afraid they'd attack a male; they didn't attack Fuzzball), there's no way I want a male. There's also the added aspect of getting Warren to help. For whatever reason, he's better around anything female than around anything male.

It's also frustrating the way all the local breeders want someone who's "home all day" when we all know that's not realistic. I work, dammit! How the hell would I pay my bills otherwise???!?

I could possibly do a "mail-order" dog and get one shipped, sight unseen, but I'm really uncomfortable with that. I'd like to meet my doggie before adopting her.

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