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Busy, Busy, Busy

Sorry I haven't been updating this lately. Here's the ultra-quick rundown of my past couple of weeks:
  • Warren and I cleaned a friend's apartment while she was away. In return, he agreed to go to HBFD with me the next week.
  • Went to Savitzkys' party. Good time had. Very tired from cleaning the night before. Culinary highlight: misdev's fresh tortilla chips. Sometimes the simplest stuff can be so good....
  • Had major deadlines at work and was working both jobs the last two Sundays. Went on cooking frenzy last Sunday in anticipation of getting sick. Made stuffed cabbage (aka "holupky") and started chicken soup. Remembered what a good cook I am. :-)
  • Tried to take Lady for a walk. I had to pick up her tail to get her to walk, yet she had the energy to fight the leash and jump to major heights. Result: Frustrated me, frustrated dog...and Fuzzball was the Taurus....
  • Warren took me to see "Attack of the Clones" in the middle of Deadline Hell. Turns out he won two free movie tickets from a new station called "The Drive." He was listening to see what they sounded like, tried calling, and won. They had to be used that night. The movie was fun. The price was excellent, as was the company. Anakin was creepy; when he and Padme were kissing and the alien creatures went, "Eeeuw," I said to Warren, "My sentiment exactly."
  • Been working on the Local Resources Guide for ConJose. Boy have I been working on it! Every time I think of entering stuff here, I instead have been doing that. (Aside to lysana: Mind if I call it "The Way?")
  • Did extra shifts Monday and Tuesday night at KLIV. John Kelly (evening anchor) was sick with the latest Empire Broadcasting Bug (we share mikes, knobs, dials, and germs); I filled in.
  • I spent Wednesday recovering and fighting the Empire Broadcasting Bug.
  • Chewed out E*Trade for not getting my checks to me. They're sending new ones.
  • Got my mortgage company to stop attaching fees to my mortgage for insurance they want to buy me when I have my own, thank you!
  • Started teaching Lady a few tricks; so far she sort of understands sit, stay, and high-five. Remembered why I like getting dogs as puppies.
  • Cranked out a 96-page User's Guide from scratch in just over a month.
  • Also cranked out release notes and installation instructions.

Phwew. I just want to rest.

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