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A surprise for dinner

Yesterday Warren asked me to find out whether the SF Giants were playing at SBC Park that night. This has a significant impact on traffic getting to where I work, especially when the game starts shortly after I get off from work. As it turned out, not only was there a game, there was a fireworks show following it, which meant Traffic HellTM.

We decided I'd walk to the Embarcadero BART station and take the train to Daly City. Warren somehow screwed up and went to Colma (one station off) instead, but quickly fixed this around the time I arrived at Daly City. He wound up in the wrong parking lot, which meant I had to shlep about half a mile to find him, but once I got to the car I found a welcome surprise in the form of Lady in the back seat. Unfortunately, he hadn't given her doggie Dramamine, so she'd barfed. Warren and I quickly cleaned up the backseat, then did the obvious -- drive the dog to the beach for her first trip there.

Lady was clearly still recovering from carsickness. She was rather shy around and uninterested in the various dogs there, who were clearly very interested in her. Instead, she wanted to sniff the plants and dirt. We took her along a path parallel to the beach, then when we came across a gentle slope she and I could navigate, we took her down to the sand, where she showed her "enthusiasm:"

Lady at the Beach #1

Lady at the Beach #2

As you can see, she was determined not to budge.

Eventually we left the beach, grabbed a quick bite at Sizzler, and went home.

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