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An innocent mixup starts a crazy day

Tuesday afternoon someone left a message on my answering machine telling me my "prescription at Walmart pharmacy was ready a few days ago and is waiting to be picked up." They gave a phone number in area code 408.

This was weird. First of all, I use Walgreens in Mountain View. Second, the last time I tried to fill a prescription (for Nexium), Walgreens rejected it because it was too soon after my previous refill.

I had to wait till this past morning to find out which Walmart had it (the nearest one to me is in Mountain View, area code 650). I looked up the phone number on the Internet and found it was the one in Gilroy, about an hour from my home. Warren was afraid whoever had stolen my wallet last year had ordered meds under my name.

I called the pharmacy and asked what the prescription was for. "Lipitor," said the pharmacist in a heavy Chinese accent. I italicized Lipitor because it's a drug for people with cholesterol problems. Of all the health problems I have, high cholesterol isn't one of them.

I asked for the name of the doctor and a phone number. I looked that up on the Internet, too. I then called the doctor's office to see if I could figure out who was going by my name and ordering Lipitor. "We don't have a 'Lynn Gold' here, but we do have a 'Linda Golden,'" the receptionist said.

Obviously what happened was they telephoned in the Lipitor prescription for Ms. Golden and the pharmacist, whose command of the English language was pretty bad, tried searching their database, came up with my name, and automatically dispensed Ms. Golden's Lipitor to me.

The rest of this past day was more hectic. In a nutshell, the Producer's computer was hanging for up to a minute at a time every time someone tried to type into it, so I wound up doing the producer and most of the co-producer work from the co-producer console.

After work Warren said I had to get tires immediately because the beading was showing through and I almost got a fix-it ticket. Costco was nearby, so we went there. While waiting we ran into justeps while I was wolfing down a slice of pizza. Afterwards the three of us hit Trader Joe's, then justeps went home and we hit IHOP because Warren wanted a BLT. I now have a tummyache from the funnel cakes there (too much food!!!).

We couldn't drive up to my house because the street was blocked by police cars and fire engines. A house in the cul-de-sac near my house was on fire. I asked about it, then whipped out my handy-dandy press pass (yes, I really have one). I wound up calling the story in to both KLIV and Metro and giving the fire captain their fax numbers.

Now I need to crash. I have to be back at work at 11am. Gail Alexander is covering the noon hour for Joe Vincent on KGO.

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